Language Nest

Language Nest

Early childhood is a critical time for the development of cognitive and social skills, as well as cultural and personal identity. A language nest is an excellent place to grow and nurture these aspects of a child’s development.

Language nests offer an effective means for language revitalization as well as an opportunity to raise children with the strong identity and cultural grounding that will support their future success.

Our language nest is for children ages (0 to 5) and 1 parent or guardian. The children interact with older fluent Inuktut speakers in both unstructured and structured play. Only Inuktut is spoken so the children will be immersed in the language the entire time they are at the nest.

Program Content

Each week is a different theme such as animals of the arctic, colours, numbers, things found in the home, etc.

Country food is provided at snack time along with other healthy choices.

Children and parents will learn various songs and stories about the Inuit way of life. Children love to sing and they pick up language sounds and remember new words more easily this way.

We use traditional drumming and dancing as tools for learning Inuktitut as well.

We also incorporate technology in our Nest program. Each child is given an Ipad to use that has Inuktitut language apps for children pre-loaded on them.

Program Times

The Language Nest runs 5 days a week, Monday to Friday from 10:00AM – 2:30PM.

Transportation is available. Please call 1-204-416-8910 for more information.