Inuktitut Language Classes

Inuktitut Language Classes

These classes provide participants the opportunity to speak and learn Inuktitut in a safe and fun way, to celebrate pride in the Inuit language and culture, and to promote the use of Inuktitut in Winnipeg.

Weekly language classes offer an effective means for language revitalization as well as an opportunity to strengthen identity and cultural grounding that will support the future success of our community.

The classes take place at our Resource Centre and in warmer months, our Igloo tent.

The classes are open to anyone and all ages who want to learn how to speak Inuktitut.

Program Content

Each week the instructor introduces a new theme and words related to that theme. Classes include activities/games (sometimes online), outdoor activities, as well as a 1 hour cultural session every 2 weeks with an Elder. Through storytelling and songs, the Elder will emphasize the theme introduced that week.

Each week, participants receive flashcards of words in Inuktitut that they can practice with at home. The flashcards match the theme of that week. (Example: Theme of the week is arctic animals. Participants go home with flashcards that have the name of the animal in Inuktitut, Syllabics and Phonetic spelling under a picture of the animal).