Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit / Traditional Inuit Values

Tunngasugit is guided by the eight Inuit Societal Values.

These principles are based on Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and aim to incorporate traditional Inuit knowledge into modern, everyday practices.

(respecting others, relationships and caring for people)

Inuuqatigiitsiarniq guides us to respect and care for other people and our relationships so that we can all live together in harmony. We are committed to addressing issues facing urban Inuit in a way that respects all those we work with.

(fostering good spirit by being open, welcoming and inclusive)

Tunnganarniq emphasizes the role being open, welcoming and inclusive plays in fostering positive relationships. We are dedicated to taking the time for people, making ourselves available and creating an environment where all urban Inuit are comfortable seeking support. Our centre also seeks to be inclusive through ongoing and open communication with stakeholders and the public.

(serving and providing for family or community, or both)

This value is about serving and providing for family and community. It’s about leading through doing for other people. It’s about serving others for the greater good. We are here to serve urban Inuit. We do this in a way that cultivates service excellence.

(decision making through discussion and consensus)

This value means decision making through discussion and consensus. Urban Inuit help guide our decision making. Our centre ensures Inuit are involved in our work.

Pilimmaksarniq or Pijariuqsarniq
(development of skills through practice, effort and action)

Pilimmaksarniq is about learning and mastering new skills through observation, mentoring, practice and effort. We are committed to looking for opportunities to encourage urban Inuit to acquire new skills.

Piliriqatigiinniq or Ikajuqtigiinniq
(working together for a common cause)

This value emphasizes working together for a common cause. Our centre recognizes there are many organizations and people dedicated to the well-being of urban Inuit. We are committed to listening to alternative perspectives. We also recognize the value of communication with the public, our key partners and stakeholders to build a sense of common purpose.

(being innovative and resourceful)

Inuit highly value qanuqtuurniq, or being innovative and resourceful. We embrace qanuqtuurniq to ensure we consider all solutions to issues affecting our Inuit community. We are committed to practicing alternative problem-solving and lateral thinking. Our systemic advocacy work also provides us with opportunities to make innovative recommendations. Such recommendations can improve the well-being of our community as a whole.

Avatittinnik Kamatsiarniq
(respect and care for the land, animals, and the environment)

Avatittinnik is about respect and care for the land, animals and the environment. Inuit enjoy a long-standing relationship with the land. Our centre recognizes the benefits of this relationship for Inuit today. We are committed to supporting stakeholder efforts to nurture this. Our centre is also committed to environment-friendly practices. We believe respecting the environment today, demonstrates respect for future generations.