About Tunngasugit

Founding board members Nunavut Day

Tunngasugit Inc. was formed in December 2017 to offer front-line services to assist Inuit in transitioning to life in the city. Local Inuit approached Steve and Jackie Massey who are care providers for Inuit and have worked with the Inuit community in Winnipeg for over 25 years to help fill this need. Together, they set-up an Inuit board of directors and work to operate this new Centre and pursue opportunities to expand in response to the needs identified by local Inuit.

Tunngasugit is a non-profit organization that helps Inuit living in Winnipeg to find safe and affordable housing, accessing health & social services, finding employment and/or applying for social assistance and providing cultural activities and workshops.

Tunngasugit is committed to promoting and enhancing the quality of life for Inuit in the Winnipeg area through the provision of culturally sensitive programs and services, in English and Inuktitut, and to orient Inuit to southern culture and environment.

Tunngasugit offers a supportive environment that attempts to duplicate the community spirit and culture of the Inuit homelands by working together to meet the needs of our members and the community at large by exercising traditional Inuit values.

  • To build a Winnipeg Inuit community that helps one another by connecting Inuit through activities, programs and initiatives that sustain and build Inuit culture, values, language and traditions.

  • To improve housing, employment, health & social systems for Inuit in Winnipeg.

  • To develop community partnerships with local service providers that will help improve the quality of life for Inuit in Winnipeg.